Monday, May 30, 2016

Week #68 - Wedding Bells... Wait. What?

Hey Family!

Lots of excitement this week. I'll just get right down to it...

Collin & Kerry Ann, their family, Elders Graham & Hansen
Saturday, COLLIN AND KERRY ANN GOT MARRIED!! Yes sir it happened so that is awesome. I have never seen such wonderful coordination and cooperation with members as I have for the prep for the wedding. Food and cake and drinks and everything was just awesome. Big up to you, Junction Branch!

Congrats Collin & Kerry Ann!
More crazy news on Saturday were transfer calls, which were surprising as always. Elder Hansen will be going to Linstead, Elder Brown to Yallahs and Elder Wood to Ochie. I know, weird. Everyone is leaving and only Elder Trinnaman is coming, so Junction will only have two missionaries instead of four. We will have to cover both areas as well so, once again, pray for us.

So here we go, challenge accepted. 

Hope your week was awesome!


Elder Graham

A few members of the Junction branch

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