Monday, June 13, 2016

Week #70 - The Meat of the Matter

Hey Family!

This week was full of traveling and a bunch of craziness. 

We went to Mandeville on Tuesday and while Elder Trinnaman went to a meeting, I went out and knocked doors with Elder Poe for a couple hours.

Wednesday morning was a trip to Santa Cruz to have district meeting. Afterward, I tried to go to the tax office to get a TRN (tax registration number) for some branch pres stuff but got totally rejected because I didn't have the original copy of my passport. 

We watched 17 Miracles at the church for a Friday Night Activity. There was an alright turn out but we can do better. We made popcorn and someone brought juice and it was super good.

On Saturday Elder Ridler picked us up and took us to a place called Flagaman to help a member fix her roof, but the only guy who knew how to do it didn't show up so we just helped her move a bunch of books from her house to her school nearby.

Sunday was great again. It's cool having the power to decide what the Sacrament topics are because we can kind of direct where the Spirit is going to hit hard haha so I themed this meeting toward the blessings of the Restoration of the Gospel and how the Book of Mormon helps bring us closer to the Savior. It worked great. Also, Brother Cooper, a new member, taught his first Elder's Quorum class. He was so nervous but he did a great job!!

That's about it for this week. Hope you are all doing well!


Elder Graham

Omar baked us a chicken.
He always makes us food and it's awesome!

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