Monday, June 20, 2016

Week #71 - No Bread

Yo Family!

This week was great. I felt a bit more like a missionary because we are slowly starting to figure out this crazy Junction business. 

We went to Santa Cruz for district meeting again on Wednesday, and I was able to get a TRN (Taxpayer Registration Number) this time so now I can get pulled over and ticketed if I ever drive so that's cool. I'm basically a citizen.

The baptism was postponed until this weekend and we are kind of leaning toward just baptizing Collin for now because not everyone in the family is quite ready with testimony and such so we will take it a little slower with the rest of them. More news will come as time goes on. 

Sunday is always a hoot. I don't think I have ever been able to conduct a Sacrament meeting without something going wrong haha. This week, no one brought bread and no one told me. So there I am, sitting, singing the Sacrament hymn, and the priest sitting at the table leans over to me and is trying to mouth words to me. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely SUCK at lip reading so I first think there is something wrong with one of the people who are about to pass the Sacrament. Finally, the kid comes closer and with a moist whisper yell, he says, "NO BREAD." Oh crud... So Elder Trinnaman and I get up and haul it to the house, grab some bread and haul it back. Lucky for us, the musical director is a returned missionary so she improvised by just singing like 4 or 5 hymns while we ran for it. But it all worked out in the end. 

Well there it is. Today we are actually in Spanish Town right now emailing haha, we are going to surprise Pres Brown at the Spanish Town Zone P-Day so that will be super fun.

Love you all... Keep praying for me because it is becoming more and more apparent how many prayers I actually need to function. I know that Junction would have burned to the ground a month ago had it not been for your faithful prayers. Seriously. So thank you and again, love you all! And I guess I'll pray for you too.

Elder Graham

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