Monday, June 6, 2016

Week #69 - Delighting in the Service

Hey Family!

This week was crazy as usual. 

Elder Hansen left on Wednesday, I picked up Elder Trinnaman and then we were off again. We spent some time helping a member get started on his mission papers which brought me back to the days. It was interesting to do it this time from the branch president perspective haha it is a little bit different (shout out to our awesome Bishop Rex who helped Cody submit his papers).

So the wife of a recent convert was baptized on Saturday. She lives in Junction on the weekends but works all week taking care of her grandparents, so other missionaries taught her, but she is a member of the Junction Branch which is awesome! Her name is Marsha.

Sunday was pretty cool. There is a 93-year-old woman who faithfully comes to church each Sunday still. This Sunday she came, but was feeling very sick, so she had to go and she was missing the Sacrament which put her in tears, she was so sad. I didn't really see what was going on but someone signaled for me to come out to the front of the building and Elder Trinnaman and I knelt down right outside the car that was about to take her home and blessed the Sacrament for her and  were able to get it to her before she left. I'll always remember the spirit that came when we shook her hand and she thanked us and told us she loved us for what we do. Sister Thomas is very special. Keep her in your prayers. 

Well, that’s been the week. It’s hard work, but it brings some of the greatest rewards. Missions are great.

Love you guys,

Elder Graham

Another view of a place called Delightful

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