Monday, October 31, 2016

Week #90 - A Good Awful

Hey Family!

So this week was full of reflection and listening to talks. Unfortunately, Elder Callister's fever did not go down until Saturday haha so we had quite a bit of time to chill out and read and stuff.  When we were chatting back and forth last week, Cody said, “Comp is awesome. Except he came down with a fever yesterday. I think it is at like 101 right now haha but he is a trooper.” Ugh – a fever his first whole week into the mission?? Poor Elder Callister…

We did have a finance training meeting on Wednesday that we had to go to Spanish Town for. That was exciting. Since the meeting was so late, we couldn't get all the way back to Junction in time, so we stopped in Mandeville and stayed the night at the Chandlers' house. They are a senior missionary couple. Boy did they TREAT us. It was like living with grandparents. I have never eaten so much in such a short amount of time. We got to their house around 9:45pm and they fed us chicken sandwiches and juice and chips and salsa... And we woke up to stacks upon stacks of pancakes and soursop and more juice.  By the end of it, they were coming around to see if we needed anything more, and Elder Callister and I were busy waving a white napkin flag of surrender. Holy cow, yeah that was so good but I felt awful afterward. It was a good awful though. 

Thursday night, I decided that I would try and help my fever-stricken companion by making some soup - so I made some red pea soup and it was pretty spicy but it tasted alright... until the next day.  Yeah, no bueno.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. We are going to Mandeville today for a Halloween party so that should be exciting. Elder Graham shared that he was creating a costume to go with some dollar bill pants he had – where he picked those up I’m not sure but PLEASE let there be pics of it next week!!

Enjoy your week!


Elder Graham

The infamous red pea soup

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