Monday, December 19, 2016

Week #97 - Twinkle Toes Graham

Hey Family! 

Well another one gone and another one begins!  Let’s assume he’s talking weeks.  As in seven – the number of weeks before he comes home!!!!!

Tuesday night we went to the Lewis's to show a Holland talk and they were running around like they were about to leave somewhere and just before we asked what was going on, Brother Lewis was like, "Come on elders we're going to KFC - get your stuff, let's go!" Oh it was way funny he was like a kid going to Disneyland for the first time. Unfortunately it was getting too late to walk all the way to KFC and back, so they bought us Dominoes instead. They are the coolest.

On Wednesday night we met with the Roofs, a young newly married couple. They are way cool as well. Elder Morris got his first ackee and salt fish experience with them. We played some games and shared the "Will of God" Mormon Message. Another great family!

Saturday night was the Boulevard ward Christmas dinner. A lot of people performed stuff. I don't really need to explain what we did because I hear it already got leaked to every waking soul. BUT I will say that the song we sang... okay we learned it only minutes before performing it, alright so back off haha... and I don't have an explanation for the end… anyway… (watch the video by clicking on the "what we did" link… Elder Graham’s dance moves at the end are on point).

This week is Christmas. You know what that means: bingo. Skype (he means BINGO!!!!! SKYPE!!!!!!). We have our zone Christmas party on Friday the 23rd as well so the whole week will be full of celebration. 

Please pray for Tricia and Nathaniel as well. They are working for December 31 to be baptized. Yep, New Years Eve! Thank you!!

I guess I can leave you all with something President Pearson sent to all of us this week:

"This coming year will be exciting, with many moments of pure joy that will be countered by times of intense sorrow. Whether we are joyful or sorrowing, there is no need to ever be discouraged. We all must learn to appreciate the opposition we face, for that is the engine of our growth; the key element in the plan of salvation."


Elder Graham

A companionship that polishes together slays together.
My response: “Wow, polishing your shoes???? I don't even know you.”

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