Monday, August 3, 2015

Week #25 - Thou Shall Not Steal, Unless It's From Yourself

Yo family!

Spain town is irie (I-rie \I ' -ree\ adj Rasta/Jamaican patois 1: powerful and pleasing 2: excellent, highest n 3: the state of feeling great) as usual! I actually heard someone say y pree the other day (last week I started my email to Cody with "y pree", which my faulty research told me meant "what's up?". I threw out a few more patois lines to which Cody replied, "What up, pup? Never actually heard anyone say any of the phrases you use but...a suh it go haha) and I laughed pretty mother just taught me patois...I also figured out that it lierally means "why prey" and it basically means, why you looking at me like that? hahaha good stuff. And so ends Mom's patois aspirations.

This week was a pretty good learning week for me. The whole week we focused hard on finding potential investigators, more specifically, street contacting.

We had zone meeting on Wednesday which was focused on helping members understand their role in missionary work.

Thursday was pretty cool. We started receiving quite a few referrals. We don't usually get as many as we did this week. I think that as we put forth more effort to find people to teach, the Lord is going to bless us. It kind of goes along with the scripture in Doctrine & Covenants 130:20-21 All blessings are based on obedience to the commandment by which they are predicated or something like that. It is definitely true. I am finding out more and more as I continue.

Friday was something. We went to a cook shop to eat lunch and Elder Jackson locked our bikes up to a fence. When we came out to get going again, he couldn't find his key. He told me that his lock is pretty rusty anyway and he needs a new one. We proceeded to saw through the gel part with the most professional of tools: a butter knife and a machete file. As weird as that sounds, it worked like a charm and we broke through our own lock and stole our own bikes back from the fence. It's comforting to know how easy it is to break one of those locks.....

Thats pretty much it for this week. Love and miss you guys!


Elder Graham

Never been more sweaty than on a bike in Jamaica in the summertime, but we still have a good time!

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