Monday, August 24, 2015

Week #28 - Toeing the Line

What up family!

This week has been interesting but good! I kinda realized I haven't talked much about the people we teach for a while. Whoops. I just forget. The work is picking up here though! We have three investigators that are close to being baptized, they all just have minor stumbling blocks. 

Orinthia has a boyfriend who is trying to finalize a divorce with a previous wife so they can get married and then she will most likely be baptized. She said she can’t get baptized until she is keeping all of the commandments but she is actively working on it so that was good to hear from her.

Rose is great. Has a testimony of the gospel and everything. We just can’t seem to get her to church. Every week something doesn’t work out, either she doesn’t get a ride or doesn’t have fare for taxi or something but she will be baptized eventually. 

Sister Murdock is probably the closest to getting baptized, she is on date for September 19. She is an elderly lady who has been going through treatments for some minor cervical cancer.  She also struggles with understanding what we teach, so we have been going VERY slow with her. We have taught her the Restoration like 3 times, but she’s awesome – she’ll get there. 

Other than that, we have gotten pretty good at street contacting strangers and teaching them so we have a never-ending pool of people to teach. We saw a lady named Jasmine who told us that she was "really drawn to the Book of Mormon for some reason." She actually called out to us as we were walking by on Saturday and asked for a pamphlet. We taught her yesterday and it was great! Except for the part where she told us she thinks she has visions all the time haha but we will work with that. 

The toenail one day later... enjoy!  ;)
Biggest event this week was my ingrown toenail getting partially chopped off. But now it’s great - like it never happened. Got some gnarly pictures for you guys!

We had zone conference on Wednesday which was awesome! 

On Saturday, we saw this HUGE bear-looking dog on the side of the road. Oh yeah, it was bloated because it had been dead for a few days. Sorry for the gross details but I thought I would give you a vision of some of the beautiful scenery here.

We are trying to work with the members by setting up "cottage meetings" or basically large scale FHE's around our area. We have two set up so far so I hope people start inviting friends!

I'm still having a great time. Time is flying and I'm getting darker. Sometimes I see white people I get all tense and awkward. But I'll overcome that later.

See ya next week!


Elder Graham

Spanish Town Sunset

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