Monday, August 10, 2015

Week #26 - Mormons Make the News, No Kidneying

Wagwan family,

This week has been nuts! Elder Jackson and I absolutely crushed it. We taught 29 lessons (we usually only teach around 22ish) and we found 15 potential investigators - we usually find about 5. Things are going good. I think I'm finally figuring this whole missionary thing out.

Some missionaries in our district (Elder Lambert and Elder Senior) got interviewed by a writer from the Gleaner, Jamaica's newspaper company. Their picture was in the newspaper.

I tried cow kidney on Thursday which sounds repulsive. It was actually really good though.   Usually everything we eat here includes rice and peas with it. If not rice and peas, then it is usually boiled green bananas and dumplings which are pretty good as well. I love the food here. It is definitely top notch.

On Friday, we saw this huge pile of dirt with a sign stuck in it that just said, "Free dirt. If you want it come take it." It was way funny.

Saturday we got transfer calls. Elder Jackson and I are staying together and I got called to be a district leader so that should be interesting.

This was probably the best proselyting week I have had so far out here. I hope we can keep it going.

This is an excerpt from an email Cody sent to one of his sisters today - cracked me up so I thought I should share:  Any new husband prospects? It can't be much different than missionary work. You have your weekly goals of the usual: Marriage, sealing, investigators with a "date," investigators who came to sacrament meeting (with you), "progressing" investigators ;) new investigators, potential investigators...

Think about it for a second...

Yes I think you get it now. The same goals for missionary work can be applied to finding a hubby. Get on it. Remember to set goals and make plans.

Miss you guys!


Elder Graham

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