Monday, August 17, 2015

Week #27 - Thankful for Thieves of Thieves

Hey Family,

His response to pictures we sent of our yearly fun on the water in SE Idaho:  That just made me slightly homesick... wait... hold on a minute... nah, I'm living in Jamaica, I'm no longer homesick.  But is that my twin sisters kneeboarding together?? Never thought I'd see the day. 

This week has been just as busy as ever. First week as a district leader which is pretty cool. I haven't done any 'district leadery' things yet and probably won't for about a week or two. But Spanish Town has been extra hot these past couple weeks. 

The craziest thing that happened was today actually. It has been hectic. We had to go to Kingston and cut off half of my toenail at the doctor because of a long overdue ingrown toenail. Wahoo. My toe is kinda throbbing but I got some pain pills, anti-inflammatory cream, and some Wendy's, I'll consider that my late birthday present to myself. Didn't get robbed. Well... never mind that’s a different story haha I’ll tell you if you really wanna know hehe  Well DUH!  Of course we want to know!!!

Basically Elder Jackson dropped the phone but he didn’t notice until we got like 50 feet further down the street. When we went back, we passed a peculiar looking guy but didn’t think anything of it. We searched and searched and couldn’t find it. By the time we looked for the guy, he was long gone. Then we had an investigator text the number and basically the guy was tryna sell the phone and delete contacts and stuff. So that sucked. HOWEVER, the next day, apparently some other guy stole the phone from the original thief and then called some missionaries and gave it to them out of the goodness o' his Samaritan heart and then they gave it to us. Super crazy haha but that’s how the cookie crumbles I guess. God works in mysterious ways. Time to take better care of the phone. 

Same old missionary work every day this week. Sorry I didn't have much time to get into too many details. Pictures coming next week. 

Love and miss you guys!

Elder Graham

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