Monday, October 10, 2016

Week #87 - Vacation in May Pen

A week with Elder Palmer
Hey Family!

This week was awesome.

I have just spent the last week with Elder Palmer and we had a ton of fun in May Pen. His trainee came Friday morning for some reason. His name is Elder Anderton and he is from Spokanne. He is super cool. Mine doesn't come until tonight, and I'll go pick him up in Kingston tomorrow morning. But we had a blast this week. I think it was God's way of saying "I don't want you two to be companions, but since you keep badgering me about it I will allow it for a short time."

We had to go back to Junction for the weekend for church. We watched the Sunday Morning Session of Conference right after Sacrament Meeting finished and then came right back to May Pen after church was done. Thank you Elder and Sister Ridler!

Prayers go out to anyone who was hit by Hurricane Matthew. I heard it was pretty nasty. I am so grateful that it dodged us because it would have been really bad here.

Love you guys!

Elder Graham

Hurricane prep... we so would have died.

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