Monday, October 17, 2016

Week #88 - The Seven Level Cake of Good Stuff

Hey Family!

This week was awesome.

First thing's first, I received Elder Callister on Tuesday. He is from Draper, UT and he is awesome. We have begun the rebuilding process of the area because me not being in Junction for a week kind of slowed some stuff down, but no worries.

We had so many miracles yesterday. As we were walking and talking, this guy called us over and said that he had seen us before and he needed help getting the true understanding of God. We taught him the whole restoration right then and there. He said that he had trouble believing in Christ in the past but he was coming around to the idea that Christ is real. We are out of copies of the Book of Mormon so I was walking around with a copy that I just happened to have gone through and marked every mention of Christ in the Book of Mormon. I felt so strongly impressed to give my copy to him. I have great feelings about the guy. To make things even better, later in the day, we passed him in town and asked him about what we talked about before. He said he read the pamphlet through again and understood well what we taught. He told us he felt really good about what we were teaching. I'm excited for him.

I truly feel like the Lord was allowing us to prove ourselves to Him all last week, and now He is beginning to answer our prayers and put us in the paths of those who are ready to accept the gospel.

To add to the miracles, Elder Callister has been trying to pull off money from his home card to buy a bicycle, but the bank we usually go to is not accepting his card. So we were walking home last night after a day full of miracles, and we walked past this bank that has a horrible reputation for being super ghetto and just subpar. But as we walked past it, the thought came to my mind, just go try it out and see what happens. So we walked over to the ATM and, sure enough..

So that was the cherry on top of this seven-level cake of good stuff. Blessings are everywhere right now. Thank you for all your prayers. They really do work just so you know.

Talk to you all more next week!


Elder Graham

Elder Callister called my name just as he was taking a
picture so he could make it all majestic and stuff.
I think his camera broke or something haha

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