Monday, October 3, 2016

Week #86 - Weddings, Funerals and Hurricanes

Chelsea and cardboard Elder Graham :)
Friday, September 30  We were all running around, guns blazing, getting ready for Cody's sister, Chelsea's wedding - it was such a great surprise to hear from Cody on that day too!

Yo yo miss me? I know you are prepping for marriage and stuff but we got permission to get on and email today BECAUSE well there is a brute named DY Matthew that is headed our way Sunday and Monday, so yeah, haha we are prepping for that today. Hope all went well yesterday (Chelsea received her Endowment in the Portland Oregon Temple). Don't worry tho, we will be good.
Have an awesome day!


Elder Graham

Wednesday, October 5

Well the storm decided to change directions and head for Haiti and Miami so that was a huge tender mercy for us (but hearts go out to those who were affected by the hurricane). We still stayed inside in Santa Cruz with the Zone Leaders from Saturday until yesterday just in case, but no real storm hit Jamaica so that was wonderful.

Sorry to hear about Grandma. I was wondering how she was doing. It seemed like she had a ton of problems and then just radio silence for a month or so. I know where she is headed though and that is a very comforting thought that replaces any sort of sorrow with joy. Grandma Graham passed away last night, October 9, peacefully with loved ones around her.

In other news, I don't know if you heard, but transfer calls were on Saturday and Elder Trinnaman is going to Linstead.. I am staying in Junction, still Branch President and now am going to train again AND District Leader as well. So just when things can't get any crazier for me, they do haha. I am actually excited though.

So we saw Saturday Conference but we were not allowed to leave the house Sunday, Monday, or part of Tuesday. You can see General Conference talks here:

Thank you for filling me in. I hope you are doing great still. I will get my trainee on Friday. Until then, I am in May Pen with... you guessed it... Elder Palmer hahaha! Things could not have worked out better. He is training too so yeah, we are having a great time and enjoying it.

Love you!

Elder Graham

The famous Lilie James

Pre-Storm view of Junction

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